Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

In the middle my essay-induced stress over the weekend I took another day trip. This time we headed north! I was worried the day would be ruined by typical northern weather but I really needn't have. I think I'm going to split this post into two because I have sooo many photos I want to put up but I don't want to breach photo-overload territory.

The first stop of the day was definitely the highlight. I honestly didn't know a thing about Fountains Abbey until I got there. Turns out I was actually heading to a film location of one of my favourite movies (History Boys). I knew exactly where I was the second I spotted the ruins through the trees.

A very rare photo of yours truly

If nothing else, the photos above show that I have a penchant for sun flares and taking photos through naturally occuring frames. Hopefully they also make you want to visit this amazing place. It really was quite bizarre - we don't have anything like this back home.

After spending a good hour or so climbing through the ruins we headed towards the water garden. Stay tuned for photos!

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  1. What a fabulous way to procrastinate about an essay Taylor! Looks amazing though! Love the shadow photo with the silhouettes...and your jacket!!