Sunday, March 4, 2012

London Still

I was doing some housekeeping with my photos folder and realised I hadn't posted any of my Camden or Portobello Road photos.

I hit up these two markets on consecutive days so I was a bit sick of people and crowds by the time Sunday rolled around.

Friday was for Camden. I had The Waifs London Still stuck in my head aaaaall day, because I'm weird like that. And there were plenty of record shops, just like the songs says. I really could have spent a stupid amount of money on vinyl. 

The photos I've posted are literally the only photos I took in Camden. Don't know why. I think I was just overwhelmed by it all really. There was so much happening: markets galore!

Saturday was Portobello Road day! Visiting this market has been on my to-do list the minute I decided to do exchange in the UK. The markets themselves were pretty amazing. So much vintage and antique jewellery! I have to admit though, an hour and a half later and I was sick of navigating through the hoards. My solution was a crepe for lunch and a wander through the quieter parts of Notting Hill.


  1. so jealous taylor!! those markets would've been amazing. miss you


  2. Beautiful! :)