Monday, November 14, 2011


As of yesterday I have amended my accommodation application (I'm much happier with my preferences this time) and found out that my British passport does indeed state that I am a British Citizen which means I don't require a visa. So that's one less thing to stress about. Last week I got my subjects finalised and I've just sent of my final study plan.

The next big step is booking a flight which will make this all very real!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


First thing Saturday morning I received an email letting me know I have been accepted to the University of Manchester. That pretty much made my weekend. Once the excitement wore off though, I realised just how much I need to do between now and when I leave.

My first priority was organising accommodation and since I decided on the easy option of staying in the resident halls (UK version of college) that meant sifting through dozens of hall options spread across three different campuses.

In the end I opted for a self-catered room at the City campus. Hopefully I will also get an ensuite because I am in no rush to experience a shared bathroom. The halls in the City aren't much to look at, especially considering some of the Fallowfield Park campus halls, which look like something out of a Austen novel. At least they are walking distance from the uni and some parts of the city which means less money spent on public transport.

My next step is sorting out what visa I need for the duration of my study and flights to London. I have a British passport which will hopefully make things easier in terms of visas but it is a potentially drawn-out process so I need to get cracking.