Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home: part 2

From the Abbey we headed along the lawn towards the water garden, which looked something like this...

You can see the Abbey in the background on the far left of this shot - we walked along the lawns to a path that cut through the trees in the middle of this photo and brought us out somewhere on the right. We then walked around the lake and took a turn onto what turned out to be a rather steep hill, from the top of which this photo, and the one below, were taken.

Following the path along the hill brought us to the Octagon Tower. There are ten buildings like this dotted around the Studley Royal gardens, unfortunately we didn't get the time to see all of them.

The water gardens themselves were hard to photograph because it was all so flat. Here are my best attempts.

After reaching the exit to the Deer park we headed back to the bus. I couldn't resist one more shot of the Abbey.
Definitely my favourite photo of the day

The final stop of the day was Harrogate but you'll have to wait for part 3 for those photos. 


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