Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home: part 3

Ok I think it's about time I explained my choice of title for this series of posts. It's a bit silly really but just go with it. The weekend I took this trip it was 17 degrees, the sun was out (trust me, in the north this is rare, at best), I was listening to Crowded House on my ipod and we were heading to Harrogate, which just happens to be the name of my street back home. Too many home connections to be ignored. Told you it wasn't that exciting.

Ok so, as mentioned, we ended the day in the lovely little town of Harrogate. There wasn't a huge amount to do here, admittedly, but it we were perfectly content just wandering around, enjoying the weather and stopping for a hot chocolate in a little tea room.

This is Betty's Tea Room which is,apparently, very famous. It is also very expensive.

Easter display in Bettys.

Ok I have to explain this next photo. A few months before I left Mum and I were wondering around Myer and I noticed these boxes of tea that were embossed with the brand name 'Taylor's of Harrogate'. Freaky right? As soon as I decided to take this trip to Harrogate I set myself a mission of tracking down the REAL Taylor's of Harrogate Tea. Mission complete. I know it's a terrible photo but I had to rush because I didn't think the shop owners would take kindly to me photographing their merchandise.

A box of Taylor's will set you back about $15 at home; I bought a box here for a measly 1 pound 69 p. Crazy. Shame I don't actually like tea.

I've finally reached the end of my photos. My next post/s will be concerning a rather fantastic weekend in Dubin.


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