Wednesday, January 4, 2012


1. England should be called Fezland or at least Fordland. There are Fiestas and Focuses everywhere!!! It's no wonder when you see the size of the Dagenham factory - put a few suburbs together and your getting close. It is huge!!!!

2. The English drive like they all have death wishes, that or they have serious thrill issues. Case in point, our bright red double decker bus got hit by a car on Monday. The driver tried to change lanes into the bus, without his indicator, and then tried to blame the bus driver.

Pedestrians are crazy too, rarely do they look both ways when crossing a road and no one has time to wait for the little green man to tell them it's safe to cross. They like to live on the edge and cross whenever they see a gap between the cars them deem long enough for them to run through.

3. The amount of rubbish along the highways and in the streets is amazing. I never appreciated how clean Brisbane is until now.

4. You can't walk 5 minutes without seeing a starbucks.

5. The English constantly talk about the weather, like it's surprising that it's cold and rainy...?? It's only fitting then that the weather readers get really in to presenting the weather; it takes them about 15 minutes to do.

6. Everything at the supermarket is wrapped in plastic - even the fruit and veg.

7. I'll never get used to seeing the grog isle at the supermarket.

8. There doesn't seem to be a 'walk on the left' rule here.

9. Their traffic lights are upside down. And they use the orange light to tell you when the light is about to turn green, not red.

10. There is just as much rubbish reality tv here as there is at home. 'Desperate Scousewives'...need I say more??


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