Wednesday, January 4, 2012

...the beauty in our London skies

Ok so in my last post I think I left off at Somerset House, which was lovely. The mulled wine was definitely a new experience and not one I think I could repeat very often, unless in small doses. Since the event is sponsored by Tiffany's all the hot drinks are served in Tiffany's cups. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of them buuut I have heard that the Tiffany's hot chocolate is rather amazing so a return trip is definitely in order.

From Somerset House we walked up to Convent Garden which has definitely been one of the my favourite places so far. To compare, it is kind of like two massive Brisbane arcades running parallel to each other. They open up on to a huge court yard which has, yet another, massive Christmas tree. The decorations inside are my favourite though.

After Covent Garden we headed to China Town for dinner before heading to the Embankment to begin the three hour wait for the fireworks which looked something like this...

The fireworks were absolutely amazing and a very fitting end to a very long and jam-packed day. My next post will cover New Years Day and Monday. Hopefully I'll manage to catch up with my posting some time soon.


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