Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting cultured and that...

Last thursday I headed back to the Tate Modern, this time I actually went inside! I intended to get to both the Tate Modern and the Tate Britain galleries but I had my first public transport mishap. I meant to get the central line to St Paul's but instead got the district line to St Paul's Park. Very different places, let me assure you. Eventually I got back to my intended destination, though the light was fading pretty quickly.

I have to be honest, I don't have a huge appreciation for modern art so most of the exhibits were a bit lost on me. I did enjoy the photography displays though - some of the photos really were amazing. On the tope level of the building is a cafe and a balcony, from which you can see this...

The Tate Modern building is in itself pretty impressive. It was built in 1947 as a power station. Essentially it is just a shell with very little internal infrastructure. I tried photographing the inside of the building but there were hardly any lights (other than on the levels with displays) so they just came out as black blobs.

Relative to my other sightseeing adventures this day was pretty short. After the Museum I headed home. Although, I did see the lead singer from Sneaky Sound System on my walk past Shakespeare's Globe. She was pretty easy to recognise with her white afro! Best game of 'Spot the Famous Person' ever, although I'm not sure it counts if you are playing by yourself.


  1. Firstly, i love the tate modern and am supremely jealous of you. Secondly, thanks so much for bumping my comments quota up from slim to a little less slim! Third, sure did get those shoes at myer, on sale from $170 to $50! But topshop has some delicious shoes too so don't be sad. Hope you're having the bestest time ever! xx

    1. Thanks for reciprocating Morgs! So jealous about those shoes - I saw them just after Christmas and they were not $50, otherwise they would have come home with me. And yes, topshop is full of deliciousness in the shoe department but I've been limiting myself because I will never fit them in my suitcase!!

  2. Great shots Darlz. Can you email me these 2?
    I don't get most of the modern art either.
    Who was it that said "there is a fine line between mordern art and just a friggin mess . . ."

  3. I believe that was Diesel. I'll upload these to your photobucket asap.