Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Church

Friday was another big day. First on the agenda? Westminster Abbey. But not before another few quick snaps of ol' Benny.

And across the road...Westminster!!

Obviously there were no photos allowed inside but I did sneak a few of the cloisters (below) and some of the gardens. Everyone semed to be making the most of being outside though - there were camera flashses going off everywhere.

More cloister views
After awakening from my Westminster induced daze (it is unbelievably beautiful and interesting) I walked. And walked and walked. I had intended to make my way to Westminister Cathedral but I got distracted by St Paul's Park. So lovely. So lovely in fact that I kind of forgot to take photos! I did instagram a few though so go here. I want to picnic there in Spring. That would be perfection.

I did get a photo of the squirrel that kept hassling me for my lunch money. Well ok, not my money, but definitely my lunch.
Look at those shifty eyes!

And then I spotted....

Yes, I'm that oblivious that I didn't realise how close I was to Buckingham Palace. I don't deserve my British citizenship.

The last two photos were taken in Green Park which is just as lovely as St James' Park.

After wandering through Green Park I headed towards Knightsbridge. I had a very brief step inside Harrods before jumping on the tube and heading home. This is what Harrods looks like when the sun goes down...


  1. Some really nice shots here Taylor.
    I can fix the converging line issue.. like the 'Leaning Tower of Biggus Benus".
    I'll send you my access to Photobucket so you can upload them.

    They would all be spys of some sort sitting in Green Park wouldn't they?

    1. Yup - bloody spooks are everywhere.

      Do you want the ones I've already posted or just the new photos? I'll upload as many or as few as you'd like.

      ps. loved the monty python reference.