Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leaning Towers and Torrential Downpours

On our way to the magical land of France we took a quick rest stop at Pisa. I'll be honest, I always assumed that precariously  position tower was in the middle of a hustling bustling city, comparable to what I saw in Rome. I was quite surprised when we rocked up to what was, essentially, a small town. Not quite what I had pictured but lovely nonetheless.

As with the rest of our tour we were privileged with some truly horrendous weather in the hour and a bit we were there. No surprise when you look at the colour of the sky! Thankfully I was inside when the thunderstorm decided to roll around but it the downpour hadn't stopped by the time we where due back at the bus so a thorough soaking couldn't be avoided.

Pisa was our last stop in Italy before crossing the border into France which also meant our tour was nearing its end.

Stay tuned for Nice and Monaco.


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