Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Australian in Paris

Paris at long last! I can't even think of a time where Paris wasn't my number one travel destination. I had a perfect image in my head of what my Parisian holiday would look like - and it was nothing like the reality. I think all of us were a little frustrated by the limited time allotted to the Paris stop. We should have had a walking tour on the afternoon we arrived, dinner in the Latin quarter and then the night to ourselves. Unfortunately due to some oversights by our tour guide and bus driver we didn't arrive until about 8pm. By the time we unloaded the bus, waited for our guide to sort out all the admin for our accommodation and then finally getting into our cabins time was definitely ticking. Only a few of us opted to head into town for dinner - we'd lost most of the afternoon but we sure as hell were going to make the most of our time in Paris, regardless of the fact that we were pretty much all walking dead by this stage of the tour. It was definitely worth it; having dinner with a great group of people in Paris was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.

The next day was full on, to say the least. We managed to squeeze in Versailles, the Louvre, two tower visits, dinner and an unsuccessful trip to the Père Lachaise Cemetery (it was closed by the time we got there). It was a long and freeeeeezing cold day but with such limited time there was no other way to do it. Didn't phase me too much that I missed out on quite a few things because it will not the last time I visit.


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