Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roman Holiday

I'm sure you'll all be glad to know my exams are done and dusted. Thanks for your concern. So now I have plenty of time for updating my poor neglected blog. Ok, well that's a fib. The next three weeks are going be full on to say the least so I'm going to schedule some posts to give the illusion that spending time on my blog.

Ok, so we are about half way into the crazy European adventure that was. Aaah Rome. You were an interesting place for more reasons that I will be divulging on this blog. Not least of all because we arrived on Easter Sunday. Yeeaaaah...that was never going to go well for us. Our tour guide failed to compensate for altered public transport timetables which meant waiting in the freeeeezing cold for over two hours for two different buses. Good times.

Anyway on to the photos which is the real reason this is being read, if it is. We arrived on the Sunday afternoon for a brief walking tour of the city. Aside from the fact that we were all dressed for a summer day in spite of the dead-of-winter-temperatures it was a great initiation to the city and all it's craziness.

Day Two

We had the Monday to ourselves but we all opted to do the 3 hour guided tour and boy were we happy with our choice. Our American tour guide was phenomenal - he knew everything about everything to do with Roman history. We were all suitably impressed.

Our day looked like this...

Obligatory Colosseum tourist photo.

St Peter's Basilica

The only photo I managed to snap of the Swiss guard - so disappointed it's such poor quality.

Sadly my camera died about ten minutes after being inside St Peter's. Take my word for it - that place is exquisite and flipping huge, much bigger than it appears from the outside.

Next up: Florence!!


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