Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fallen Empires

Last Friday I saw my first live act in Manchester. And they were brilliant.
I've been a fan of Snow Patrol for a long time, and not just because they are Irish, but I've never had the chance to see them live. Manchester delivered.

The warm up act was a Manchester band by the name of Everything Everything. In spite of their rather lame name, I quite enjoyed their set. They classify themselves as indie electronica.

We got general admission (standing) tickets and since we got there super early we managed to get nice and close to the front. I'm horrendously out of practice with my concert photography so in spite of the fact that I took about a million photos there are very few worth posting.

I know this isn't the besst photo but I love it anyway. I took this during 'Run' when the crowd
was singing louder than Gary; he found that hilarious.

I will probably be back with more photos once I finish sifting through them all. I think these will suffice for now though.


  1. Oh no I hope you get your heater to work again! I hope youre having a lovely time over there, I can imagine that the weather at the moment would be a little depressing though ! Your gig photos are much better than I could do! Mine are usually blurry iphone photos haha take care x

    1. Sorry for the slow reply Hannah - I'm not used to people actually read my blog haha

      Your're right about the weather - haven't seen the sun for a few days and it's starting to get to me I think.

      haha thanks, I'm my own worst critic I guess. With the magic of Instagram, even crappy Iphone photos can look amazing though!

      ps. love that you've been posting more regularly!