Monday, February 27, 2012

Oxford Comma

On Saturday I got up bright and early to jump on a bus to Oxford. I had no problems getting up at the crack of dawn this time because Oxford is a trip I've been looking forward to for a long time. In spite of the hideous weather we've had in Manchester, Oxford delivered the vitamin d in the perfect dose. It was also nice to have a blue backdrop for my photos instead of the usual grey/white.

I thought I liked Stratford but that little town has nothing on Oxford. It is beautiful and definitely tops my list of favourite places I've visited so far. I can definitely see myself living here - or even better, studying here.

The bus ride took 3 and a half hours so we only got about 5 hours to explore, even less after we did the guided tour that was included in the days ticket. Unfortunately this meant I didn't get to go into any of the colleges which, I'm not going to lie, killed me a little bit. I've had a list of colleges I wanted to see for quite a while, but I had to make do with exteriors. I can't believe the below shot is the only one I got of the front of Christ Church, and it is ruined by a bus and tourists. Lame. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the rest of my shots especially considering most of them were rush jobs.

Christ Church
The back of Christ Church
Being a tourist outside Christ Church (read: pretending I go here)
This is the visitors entrance to Christ Church college and believe it or not, the windows you see are actually the windows of student accommodation. The building was built in 'Venetian' style because apparently the fields (out of shot, to the right of the photo) have a tendency to flood and the architects believed it could resemble Venice.

The Radcliffe Camera - probably my favourite building of the day
The Radcliffe Camera is used as a reading room for Oxford students - I can think of worse places to study. 
The Bodleian Library courtyard
Being something of a Harry Potter nerd, I can tell you that this library was used in the films. Unfortunately I didn't get to do a tour inside. 
The Bodleian library entrance to the Divinity School
The Divinity School
Oxford playing fields
These are the university's playing fields (there are more the right, our of shot). The colleges in the background are Magdalen College (with the tower) and Merton College on the far left. 
Corpus Christi

Entrance way to Merton College
Bridge of Sighs

Sheldonian Theatre
The Sheldonian Theatre is where the graduation ceremonies are held.

Christ Church courtyard

I also have a few photos of the Isis that I took on our walk down to see the rowing but I'll post them separately to avoid photo overload.

Overall, I had such a lovely day and I'm dying to go back in Spring.


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