Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Whale is Better

Thursday 19th Jan - Natural History Museum

To round out my last week in London I headed back to the Natural History Museum (I say back because it is directly across the road from the V and A). And this is what I saw...

The Natural History Museum and the V and A

Oh, hello Hogwarts
Now, onto the exhibits...
Not the most kid-friendly display

The Primates hall

I spent far too long loitering around the opal displays
The Mammals Room

The Mammals room was definitely my favourite, mostly because it was dominated by Cetacean displays. The Blue whale was rather impressive, but I do love our (Brisbane's) Humpback Whale.

The rare double horns of a Narwhal (they usually only have one)
The Marsupial display was interesting, as in, none of the marsupials actually looked like real marsupials. Case in point: Koalas don't look like this...

And apparently this is a Tasmanian wolf...sorry dudes, that's a Tasmanian Tiger*.

I took a stupid number of photos in the Museum but I might leave it here for now - I can sense your boredom is slowly growing. That, and I really want to go frolick in the snow.
Stay tuned for posts on all things regarding Manchester United, Snow Patrol, and snow.  

* Yes, I realise they go by both names but seriously who has ever called it a wolf??


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